River Runner is a feature length documentary portraying the dilemmas that two hydro-dams caused socially, economically and ecologically on a river system in the south of Ireland

Virtus is a short film which contrasts the perfectionism and pride of eight very different individuals in a contemporary urban setting , where decay and dilapidation is anything but inspiring.

Making Pictures. This short film documents some of the unique painting practices of Declan O'Mahony and reveals past sources of inspiration for his two dimensional artworks.

This short film gives an insight into the making of two unique artworks representing the concept of  re-unification of a divided Ireland.


Réaltra was the title of a series of holistic educational workshops in a girls junior school in 2005 . Poets, composers, photographers and artists participated and inspired a 'pupil organised' exhibition of international  artists which included  the renowned Georg Groz.